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How To Apply


  • Know the apprenticeship program requirements and be sure that you can meet them before you request an application.
  • Request an application directly from the apprenticeship program during their application period or see if you can submit the application online. Alaska Works may be able to provide you the apprenticeship application. With many apprenticeship programs, you can call to request an application through the mail if you are outside of the area. For a few apprenticeship programs, you must apply in person.
  • Make sure you understand the application process, requirements and deadlines.
    • Are you allowed to fax or mail in the application and required documents?
    • Can your application packet be postmarked by the deadline, or does it have to be received by the apprenticeship program prior to the deadline?
    • Will you have additional time to submit the required documents after the application period?
  • Completely fill out the application.
    • Gather and copy all the required documents to submit.
    • Keep a copy of your application packet and documents for your records and/or future use.
  • Turn in the application and all required documents by the application deadline.
    • If you are mailing your application packet, be sure it will meet the application deadline.

The Interview Process:

  • After the application deadline, all application packets will be reviewed for completion. Everyone who has met all apprenticeship application requirements will be considered for apprenticeship and scheduled for an interview.
  • You will be notified of your scheduled interviewed by phone or by mail. Notify Alaska Works as soon as you are informed of your interview date and time.
  • Get ready to interview! Alaska Works can provide Interview Skills Classes to eligible participants.

The application and interview process, depending on the apprenticeship program, can be very competitive. You may not be selected for apprenticeship on your first, or even second try. Applicants selected for apprenticeship can expect to travel, work long hours and go to classes. Also, they can expect to earn a paycheck while they are on the job and develop trade skills that are transferable across the state and nation.

If you are interested in receiving assistance with the apprenticeship application and interview process please contact:


Apprenticeship Outreach
Alaska Works Partnership, Inc.
161 Klevin Street
Anchorage, AK 99508
(907) 569-4711