Alaska Works Partnership Inc. Construction Education & Training.


Alaska Works Partnership

Alaska Works Partnership is a non-profit organization that gives Alaskans access to jobs and careers in the construction industry.  We educate you about the good paying jobs, we teach you basic skills and put you on a path to where you can learn skills that last a lifetime and earn good pay with health care and retirement benefits.

Alaska Works was created by Alaska’s Building and Construction Trade and their apprenticeship training trusts in 1996.  Our mission is to increase Alaska hire in the construction industry.  Our motto is “Working Together for Jobs”.   We partner with industry employers, community organizations, educators and the State of Alaska to “build Alaska one community at a time”.

Over the years several thousand Alaskans living in over 140 communities have gotten a start in construction through one of our programs.  Let us help you build your future.

Choose Construction

It’s a good time to choose construction.  Today, construction workers earn, on average, over $70,000 a year.   There are about 25,000 people employed in the construction industry.  More than 5,000 construction works are considered nonresident based upon eligibility for an Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend.  Nonresidents travel to Alaska and stay temporarily for work because of the high pay.  Many of those jobs could be filled by people that live here year round.

High Demand for Construction Workers

Construction industry employers need hundreds of new workers each year to backfill jobs held by people who retire or change occupations and to fill jobs held by nonresidents.  But it’s not just about construction.  Other major industries that offer high paying jobs have labor shortages right now.  Oil & gas, mining, maritime, and seafood processing all need more welders, electricians, carpenters, equipment operators, plumbers, pipefitters and other trades as well.

We Work For You

There are construction jobs in every community.  Alaska Works Partnership offers an array of outreach and job training programs aimed at helping you explore construction occupations, learn basic trade skills and connect to Alaska’s good paying jobs in construction.

Check out our free programs. Start building your future.

Apprenticeship Outreach is the place to learn more about the great apprenticeship opportunities out there, how to apply for training, and what to expect if you are accepted into career training.

Alaska Construction Academy training introduces you to a variety of trades.  Our courses are located in Anchorage, the Mat-Su Valley and Fairbanks.  We can also connect you to other Alaska Construction Academies in Kenai, Juneau, and Ketchikan as well. You can choose one or more courses to attend and learn basic construction occupation skills.

Helmets to Hardhats connects active duty military, Veterans, National Guard and Reservists to trade apprentice opportunities and targeted  training to join the construction workforce.

Women in the Trades focus is on providing unique outreach and training events designed by women employed in construction.  These activities inform girls and women about construction work, apprentice opportunities, and provide pre-apprentice courses for exploring a trade.

Building Maintenance courses offer basic skills training in several occupations that prepare you by teaching a variety of skills required for maintaining community buildings and homes.

AWP programs are sponsored through grants from the Alaska Legislature, the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development, the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, and support from member organizations.