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At Alaska Works Partnership, we're dedicated to helping Alaskans who are striving to build better futures. We take pride in our programs and partnerships that are specifically designed to provide you with the tools you need to succeed. But what really makes us beam with pride are the inspiring success stories of our students.

These individuals have taken advantage of our programs and have gone on to pursue high-paying careers in the construction industry. We believe that every Alaskan deserves the chance to succeed, and we're honored to have played a part in their journeys.

If you're looking to achieve your goals and create a brighter tomorrow for yourself, we encourage you to take a few minutes to read about our student's success stories. We hope their stories inspire you to reach out to us today and discover how we can help you achieve your dreams.

Real Alaskan Success Stories

Darren Bunde

"The classes have helped me understand more of the trade and what is involved. It’s amazing that Alaskan carpenters build everything from dirt to doorknobs,"

Kirk McKibben

Kirk McKibben has worked manual labor jobs his entire working career; the last several years operating a mini excavator at the Fort Richardson National Cemetery. As his skills progressed, Kirk wanted to move toward a career, rather than stay stuck in his current job. After completing a 40-hour training in heavy equipment operating, he knew that the heavy equipment operating world was where he wanted to be.
Trinity Nusbaum Carpentry Apprenticeship Success

Trinity Nusbaum

Trinity's apprenticeship in the carpentry trade is a big step forward for her career, and it is a testament to the benefits of vocational training and apprenticeships. These programs offer a unique opportunity to gain practical skills and hands-on experience in a specific trade, while also earning a wage and benefits.

Elijah Watts

Elijah Watts transitioned from a customer service job to carpentry after watching the construction of a skate park. He excels as a first-year apprentice in the Carpenters' apprenticeship in Fairbanks, showing that perseverance and hard work can lead to achieving goals. Elijah's success as an apprentice highlights the value of apprenticeships and the impact they can have on an individual's career.

 Kaden Blevins

Kaden, a high school student from Eagle River, AK, discovered his passion for plumbing through a free training program offered by the Alaska Works Partnership and Anchorage School District. After excelling in the 40-hour training, Kaden applied and was accepted into the Plumbers and Steamfitters apprenticeship program, where he will continue his education and training while working in the field.

Jaclyn Johnson

Jaclyn’s journey towards a fulfilling career is a testament to the impact that Alaska Works Partnership (AWP) can have on individuals. In just a few interactions, AWP staff were able to introduce Jaclyn to the world of construction training and the opportunities available to her. This led her to apply for and complete telecommunications training in both Anchorage and Wasilla, where she discovered her passion and talent for the craft.

Cameryn Olson

Cameryn Olson, a determined nineteen-year-old, pursued her passion for operating heavy equipment despite facing obstacles. After completing a 40-hour training program, she applied and was accepted into the Alaska Operating Engineers’ apprenticeship program. She is currently loving the training and is on track for a bright career as a heavy equipment operator.
Philip Andrew Career success

Philip Andrew

Born and raised in the village of New Stuyahok, Alaska, he discovered his love for construction and pursued a career in the trades. Through hard work and dedication, Philip has gained valuable skills, and his well-rounded experience has made him a sought-after candidate in his field. Despite the challenges he's faced, Philip has remained focused on providing for his family and ensuring a brighter future for his six sons.

Emily Campbell

Emily is almost done with her two weeks of CDL training and is currently in week six out of eleven for heavy equipment operating training with the Operating Engineers Local 302. She's been doing great in her training and has already learned how to operate heavy machinery such as a scraper, excavator, and road grader. Plus, she's also picked up the skill of grade-checking. Read more to learn about her inspiring journey.

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