Printable Training Flyers

Thanks for visiting our page for printable training flyers. If you don’t find what you need please be sure to contact us

To link the PDF file to the button simply go to the media tab in the dashboard, select the PDF & then copy the link. Then paste the link URL in to the button and select “open in new tab”

AWP Training Flyers

Click below to download our updated training flyer. We add new training throughout the year so be sure to check here often.

Training Descriptions

Download a PDF file with short descriptions of our training.

Trade Descriptions

Download a pdf file with more information about what each trade does.

Wage Rates

Click below to download a PDF file with information about apprenticeship, starting wages for apprentices and Journey level workers.

Application Deadlines

Click below to download the current application deadline for the Building Trades Apprenticeships.