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Women In The Trades

Women In The Trades

The Women in the Trades program gives hands-on training to help women transition into a well-paid construction career and offers the same training opportunities in a female-only learning environment.

Our focus is on providing unique outreach and training events designed by women employed in construction.  These activities inform girls and women about construction work, apprentice opportunities, and provide pre-apprentice courses for exploring a trade.

“Alaska Works gave me the confidence I needed to keep moving forward, it was a big life change becoming a trade  apprentice” ~ Jenne Baker

“I think the Women in the Trades classes are great it gave me and other women a chance to try something that is generally labeled MENS WORK and knowing that women can do the work and it opened up a whole new world for me.” ~ Kimberly Allred


“I liked being able to take a class with the actual trade instructors from the apprenticeship program.” ~ Caitlynn Horton


“Alaska Works provided me with an eye opening experience to where I really wanted to be in my life career-wise and the many ways starting on this path can provide an amazing future for myself.” ~ Allison Cline